Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10489. Sok. SK. 21 AP. No:21 D:0 Karatay/KONYA
Bilensoy 80 alfalfa seed


1. Plant height 85-90 cm,

2. The color of the flower is from purple to purple to violet, and the flowers are bunch-shaped,

3. The cluster size is 4.70 cm, 7-10 pods in one cluster, 4 seed ligaments,

4. The seed color is the open wood, dark and light yellow,

5. The weight of 1000 varies between 2.09-2.47 gr,

6. The first synthetic variety registered in our country,

7. It is grown in watery conditions,

8. Winter is resistant to stasis and sleeping,

Recommended regions: Central Anatolia and the gateway regions.

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