Fevzi Çakmak Mah. 10489. Sok. SK. 21 AP. No:21 D:0 Karatay/KONYA
Carrot Dismantling Machine


* There are 4 tonnes of disconnection capacity per hour.

* Thanks to excavators working under the soil, it has a design that allows to disassemble in rainy and cold weather.

* Thanks to special attachments that can be added to the body, the carrot cuts the green part of the carrot without removing it from the soil and provides a clean dismantling.

* Thanks to the specially designed cleaners on the soil, the soil on the carrot is completely cleaned from materials such as mud.

* Optionally, it can be produced in trailers or in storage.

* The carrot keeps from the green part of the plant and does not disassemble the carrot like the dismantling machines due to the resurrection of the green part of the carrot, separates it from the soil as a carving owing to diggers moving under the ground. I mean; In the heavy and rainy conditions brought by the winter season, our machine can dismantle.

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